Dance! is much more than an exercise dance workout.

Its original music is designed to highly stimulate your body and mind, creating the ultimate FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE by increasing endorphins and establishing a meditative state that relaxes the mind and makes you feel good.

Dynamic music and, an authentic combination of modern dance, jazz and dances from around the globe, are the driving force during the Dance!. The focus of the meticulously crafted choreographies are to inspire you, motivate you and energize your body as you process your workout.

Dance! is an exercise experience that takes you around the world as your workout evolves and, this particular workout experience taps into your own ability to feel joy and relaxation simultaneously through this extraordinary combination of music and dance. As you go through the exercise process, you will feel physical, mental and, emotional stimulation. The workout will subconsciously inspire you to expand yourself beyond any shell, while you perform dances from around the world, you will be expanding your own self and energetically, you will be able to connect with the world at large.

The sounds, rhythms and atmosphere of the music tap into the neurophere, the commonality of people from around the world and therefore, generate the ultimate feeling of bringing the world closer together through music and dance.

As we face a world of isolation and uncertainty, Dance! is one of the best tools to stimulate, energize, relax and ultimately, make you feel good while engaging your time in an effort to connect with the world at large and your own self-health through this universal neurosphere effort.

Dance! brings the world to you!