Introducing Kirsten Johnson: Your Key to a Thriving Group Fitness Program

Are you ready to take your fitness club to new heights? Look no further than Kirsten Johnson, an esteemed international fitness and wellness expert with a proven track record of success in the industry. With her extensive experience overseeing group fitness departments for upscale and trendsetting fitness companies across Europe and the United States, Kirsten is the driving force behind some of the most thriving and innovative group fitness programs in the industry.

One of Kirsten’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to assemble a winning team that knows how to generate revenue through special events and attract new members. She understands that a successful group fitness program is the heartbeat of every fitness club, playing a pivotal role in increasing membership and ensuring member retention.

With Kirsten’s guidance, you can expect a program that goes beyond the ordinary, setting new trends and captivating your members. She has an innate understanding of what it takes to create a truly exceptional group fitness experience. Through her strategic hiring practices and unparalleled expertise, she has consistently developed programs that are not only cutting-edge but also deliver outstanding results.

Kirsten’s dedication to excellence has earned her a reputation as a forward-thinking and creative leader in the industry. She knows how to infuse energy and excitement into every class, ensuring that your members stay engaged and motivated. Her expertise extends to all aspects of group fitness, from designing innovative schedules to curating top-tier talent.

When you partner with Kirsten, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and a proven methodology for success. She will work closely with you to understand your club’s unique needs and develop a tailored approach that aligns with your vision. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your existing program or launch a brand-new one, Kirsten will be your guiding light, helping you achieve remarkable results.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when it comes to your group fitness program. Elevate your club to new heights with Kirsten Johnson, the industry expert who knows how to create thriving, trendsetting, and revenue-generating group fitness programs. Contact Kirsten today and unlock the full potential of your fitness club.

Since 2008, Kirsten has lived in The Bay Area, and worked for established high end fitness companies Equinox, Clubsports and The Bay Club as Manager and Program Creator, earning the ‘Haute Couture’ Award for the most creative manager.

Kirsten enjoys teaching, and today she is teaching Dance, Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes both in clubs as also virtually around the globe. She is in demand for teaching virtual classes as well as self-management courses for international corporations and wellness centers. Kirsten’s has been a guest teacher at the world-renowned fitness and spa retreat in the mountains of Baja California for over 25 years, and in as her community contribution she teaches dance to women who are recovering from cancer.

In her free time, Kirsten enjoys outdoor activities like hiking with her two dogs in nearby the hills, bike riding and walking on beaches. Kirsten is known for being kind and caring, for being a high energy motivator and for being passionate about teaching fitness and well-being to her clients and student to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Additional Information

Kirsten Johnson

International Fitness Presenter, Manager and Consultant

5636 Orchard Park Drive, San Jose, CA 95123, USA


Over 35+ years of experience in Group Fitness Presentation, Program Development, Teacher Training, Group Fitness and Pilates Reformer Management, and Group Fitness Instruction in Europe and the United States.

Skilled in management and leadership, consultation for Group Fitness Programs and Small Group classes, program development for new Group Fitness concepts, and high-end fitness club operations.

A Sports Nutritionist with expertise in Infomercials Testimonial Training and a coach for TZI™ Communication and Habit Changing Methods like NSM™ from Zurich University.

Objective: International Group Fitness Presenter


  • Extraordinary leadership and communication skills
  • 25 years of experience in teaching group fitness classes internationally
  • International presenter and workshop leader (Bodylife/FIBO/AAFA)
  • Designing trendsetting group fitness programs (Equinox, Club One, ClubSports)
  • Expert in team leading, communication, and coaching

Education & Professional Development:

  • University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Physical Education and Sport Science – Martial Arts and Dance
  • University of Luenenburg, Germany
  • M.A. Psychology, BA in Social Service Studies, Dance Therapy
  • University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • Certified NSM™ Self-Management Coach, NASN certified Sports Nutritionist
  • Master Instructor for Pilates, Yoga, NIA, BOSU, and GRAVITY
  • National Trainer for Pilates and Yoga workshops (AFAA)
  • Cert. DSV Advanced Group Fitness Instructor, Certified AFAA/ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

Professional Experience:

24-HOUR FITNESS, San Diego
Regional Group Fitness Manager 2001 – 2002

  • Managed, recruited, and trained 250+ group fitness instructors
  • Successfully grew the group fitness program for five ’24-Hour Fitness’ clubs
  • Increased membership for all clubs by hiring top talents
  • Trained regional talents through the “UFO” group fitness instructor training program
  • Increased the number of classes by 30% and added new trendsetting fitness programs
  • CLUB ONE, San Diego, CA
  • Flagship ‘The Sporting Club One’ and ‘Frog’s Mission Valley’
  • Group Fitness Director and Fitness Manager 2002 to 2008

CLUB ONE, San Diego, CA
Flagship ‘The Sporting Club One’ and ‘Frog’s Mission Valley’
Group Fitness Director and Fitness Manager 2002 to 2008

  • Led a team of 85 instructors and trainers at Club One’s flagship club ‘The Sporting Club One’, San Diego
  • Increased the quality of instructors and trainers through recruitment, hiring, and training Group X instructors and Personal Trainers
  • Developed a highly successful group fitness schedule which increased the usage by 35%
  • Increased the Personal Training revenue, marketing, and membership sales
  • Created successful educational modules for instructors and personal trainers
  • Increased revenue for special events by 50%
  • Championed increased membership by creating a competitive group fitness program and hiring elite group fitness instructors and personal trainers
  • Expanded the indoor cycling program to ‘Best in Town’ at The Sporting Club One
  • Created the largest yoga program of any fitness facility in San Diego at ‘Frogs’

Group Fitness Manager 2008 to 2015

  • Increased the class schedule by 40%
  • Managed 68+ instructors and 105+ group fitness classes; payroll administration; instructor auditions and new hires; creation of new signature programs for group fitness
  • Hired 40+ top ‘rock star’ group fitness instructors and created one of the most competitive group fitness programs in the Bay Area
  • Created new group fitness program ideas for Equinox resulting in the nationwide “Haute Couture Award” for the most innovative Group Fitness Manager
  • Created a group fitness program whose popularity became the No.1 reason for new members to join and for retention of current members
  • Instrumental in building the success of Equinox Palo Alto club to “King of the Hill” rating as one of the top fitness clubs in the nation
  • Increased the revenue for special events by 40%

CLUBSPORT, Pleasanton, CA
Regional Group Fitness Manager 2015-2018

  • Managed the Group Fitness Programming for eight Clubsport locations in the Bay Area, Orange County, and Oregon
  • Oversaw Group Fitness Directors and 250+ Group Fitness Instructors
  • Led the Creative Programming team creating new fitness programs
  • Instrumental in branding group fitness programs
  • Managed Small Group Training

Group Fitness Director after Clubsport was acquired by The Bay Club 2019 – Current

  • Group Fitness Management overseeing 62 instructors and 170+ group fitness classes
  • Special Event Management
  • Directing Group Fitness Programming under COVID
  • Spearheading Virtual Group Fitness classes during COVID

International Presenter and Lecturer

  • Nike Elite Presenter at Europe’s major conventions
  • Presenter and organizer of the well-known “INTERNATIONAL AEROBIC WEEK” at Club La Santa, Lanzarote, Spain
  • Rancho La Puerta – Exclusive, High-end Spa
  • Director of International Aerobic Academy, Hamburg
  • Lecturer, Meridian College for Fitness Professionals, Hamburg
  • AFAA Presenter for Yoga and Pilates
  • Program Director for Infomercial Testimonials (AIRCLIMBER + Cardio Twister)
  • NIKE ELITE – Germany, England, Spain, United States
  • BODYLIFE CONVENTION – Karlsruhe, Germany
  • FIBO – Essen Germany
  • FITCAMP – London, UK


  • NIKE ELITE presenter Germany
  • ‘Haute Couture’ National Award for the most forward-thinking and creative group fitness manager
  • Olympic Gold at Graz, Austria, as the coach of the U.S. Special Olympic Dance Team