NSM Neurodynamic Self Management Workshop

Create a more powerful YOU by knowing exactly what you want and learn how to manifest your new intentions efficiently.

NSM is a new program from Europe created by Dr. Maja Storch and Frank Krause at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Based on neuroscience and modern psychology coaching this workshop has proven to changed lives forever being taught to managers, students and people who want to explore new directions in their lives.

The workshop itself is creative, playful and full of new explorations. It takes you through a multitude of exercises to find out your innermost goals that are supported by your subconscious mind, and guides you into creating your intentions as a base of changing your mindset, habits and clarity of who you want to become – the first step to become a more powerful YOU.

ALL NSM courses are now taught online by Kirsten Johnson, NSM Coach trained by Dr. Maja Storch / University of Zurich. Kirsten has an M.A. in Coaching Psychology and has taught NSM for years in San Diego. She teaches NSM to individuals as well as groups.

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