EXPO SPECIAL: TuBallRx – Very Light – Seniors, Rehab


TuBallRx Color: Yellow

Resistance: Very Light

Designed For: Seniors, Rehabilitation; muscle movement with reasonable flexion and extension resistance.

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TuBallRx is a patented, brand-new fitness device engineered to help users of all levels and ages achieve greater total-body strength and mobility through simple exercises.

TuBallRX has been completely developed into a viable, teachable group-fitness concept. Regardless of skill level, users can increase their individual strength and mobility to enhance all modes of physical activity – now in a group-fitness setting.

Exercise & Fitness Equipment

Resistance Exercises for a Healthy Lifestyle

“Top Results Products with On-Demand Fitness Instructor Workouts”

TuBallRx: Color, Size and Resistance Level


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