World Dance Workout Album


Music composed and performed by Emmy-award winning producer, Alan Phillips.

Although not required, it is advised that on-demand classes are downloaded to a desktop/laptop computer and not a mobile device due to the size of video files.

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Dance! is much more than an exercise dance workout. It’s specially designed music provides a stimulation that makes you feel good, increases endorphins and creates a meditative state that relaxes the mind.

Dance! stimulates your body and your mind with music and dances from around the world. During the dances you get energized when you move your body with movements inspired by modern dance, jazz and dances from around the globe.

The music is designed to both stimulate and relax you. Award-winning music producer Alan Phillips designed the music so the frequencies of the music have a positively stimulating and relaxing effect of the body and the mind. This music moves you on a much deeper level to allow you to experience dancing with joy while your mind relaxes, to letting feeling connected to the universe through the stimulation this extraordinarily composed music.

Dance! has been created to getting stimulated physically, mentally and emotionally. It subconsciously inspires you to expand yourself beyond your shell while dancing to music from around the world, while connecting energetically to the world, the universe, and while keeping your mind relaxed.

Dance! takes you around the world, around the universe with its international dances, and with music from around the world that taps you into the neurosphere, the commonality of people in this universe. It is designed to bring us closer together through dance and music.

During out times of Covid, of social distancing and of feeling disconnected from this world, Dance! takes you beyond a dance workout. It stimulates you. It energizes you. It makes you feel good and relaxed. It gives you a feeling of being connected to the world. It connects us to the universal neurosphere.


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